3BT 11x11

Made from 1300 denier polyester yarns coated with recycled flexible PVC in an 11 x 11 count plain weave, and contains approximately 75% vinyl compound and 25% polyester. This medium weight fabric offers an excellent balance of strength and degree of openness. The main application is truck covers.


  • 9 x 9
  • 11 x 11


CharacteristicsBo-Tuff 1300 Mesh 11 x 11
Construction:11 x 11 ends/inch
Coating:Flexible PVC
Core Yarn:1300 denier Polyester
Fabric Thickness0.3 + oz/ sq yd
Tensile Strength:(ASTM D5034) – Warp: 280 lbs/inch
Grab – Fill: 300 lbs/inch
Tear Strength:(ASTM D2261) – Warp: 95 lbs
Tongue-Single Rip – Fill: 95 lbs
Mullen Burst Strength:(ASTM D-3786)480 psi
Fire Retardancy:As required. Mill run fabric is self-extinguishing in horizontal burning mode. Increased fire retardancy can be supplied upon special order to meet specified tests.