BO-LITE are banded mesh fabrics comprised of 24% high tenacity polyester yarn and 76% flexible foamed PVC. The yarns are intimately bonded at the crossover points and are woven to form bands about 7/8″ wide spaced about 2-1/2 ” apart on centers running lengthwise along the fabric; two additional ends 1/4″ apart also run lengthwise between the bands. About 50% of the fabric is open area.

Snow Fencing to control drifting
Ski Trail Markers
Sand Dune Erosion Control
Spectator Fencing for Golf Courses, including the Masters Tournament at Augusta, Road Races, Etc.


  • Kentucky Blue
  • Black
  • Green
  • Red
  • Flo-Orange
Construction:7.0 – 7.5
Coating:Flexible Foamed PVC (78%)
Core Yarn:Polyester (22%)
Fabric Weight:6 oz/ sq yd
Tensile Strength:(ASTM D-5034) – Warp: 80 lbs
Fill: 80 lbs
Tear Strength:(ASTM D-2261) Tongue Method *yarn movement. Warp: 30 lbs *
Fill: 15 lbs *
Bursting Strength:160 psi
UV Resistance:(ASTM G53) 1000 hours QUV exposure – slight color deterioration