BO-LITE fabrics are high visibility plain weave, open mesh fabrics comprised of 24% high tenacity polyester yarn and 76% flexible foamed PVC. The PVC coating is pigmented with daylight fluorescent pigments such as red, orange, and yellow.


Safety Vests
Warning Fence Signs
Protective Barriers
Honeybee Truck Covers
Other applications where high visibility, light weight, air flow transmission and good economy are required.


7 x 6
9 x 9

Count Warp Fill7 ends/inch
6 ends/inch
Weight (oz./sq.yd.):7.0 – 7.5
Tensile Strength:(ASTM D-1682) Warp – 125 lbs.
Fill – 90 lbs.
Tear Strength:ASTM D-2261Tongue Method * Warp: 65 lbsFill: 65 * lbs
Burst Strength:(ASTM D-3786) – Minimum 200 lbs/
Caliper:(Fabric thickness) – 45-50 mils
Specific Gravity:0.6
Fire Retardancy:Fed.Std.T-191 Method 5903 Modified 30 degree angle. Afterflame – 7 sec.
Char length- 2 in.
UV Resistance:Moderate color change – 1000 hours