BL 10x9

BO-LITE are mesh fabrics comprised of 22% high tenacity polyester yarn and 78% flexible foamed PVC. The yarns are intimately bonded at the crossover points and the degree of openness is dependent on the fabric construction.
BO-LITE 10 x 9 Basket weave is widely used in supermarket meat display counters to conceal the refrigeration coils yet allow re-circulation of chilled air.

Standard Uses:

  • Shelf Liner

Standard Colors:

  • Black
  • Straw

Standard Widths:

  • 36″
  • 72″


Construction:10 x 9 ends/inch, basket weave
Coating:Flexible Foamed PVC (78%)
Core Yarn:Polyester (22%)
Fabric Weight:ASTM D 3776, Opt. C oz/sq yd – 11 – 12 oz/ sq yd
Tensile Strength:(ASTM D-5034 (Grab) Warp: 190 lbs Fill: 180 lbs
Tear Strength:ASTM D-2261 Tongue-single rip Warp: 50 lbs Fill: 45 lbs
Mullen Burst Strength:(ASTM D-3786) – 300 psi
Caliper:(Fabric thickness) – 45-50 mils
Cold Crack:No cracking after 24 hours @ -40 degrees F, 2″ mandrel
Fire Retardancy:As required.
UV Resistance:(ASTM G53) 1000 hours QUV exposure – slight color deterioration